What Do You Know About General Hunting Regulations?

The answer is definitely “not” because I will show you what needs keeping in your mind to have one of the most unforgettable hunting experiences in your life!

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What Are General Hunting Seasons?

Usually, hunting seasons fall on the same weekdays or the same time every year. However, it would be best if you notice some possible changes in hunting seasons. This can be due to newly adopted regulations, or just different day shifts each year.

shooting duck before sunrise

Shooting duck before sunrise

What about hunting hours? You are allowed to use only certain weapons such as archery equipment, pistols, shotguns, hunting dogs or fal­conry, etc. to take game birds and animals between half an hour before sunrise and half an hour after sunset. I usually hunt with a crossbow because I like silence.

What Are General Hunting Regulations?

Prohibited methods

Generally, you are not allowed to use motor vehicles, powerboats, sailboats, or any floating devices to take animals and non-migratory game birds within the private property boundaries or private water.

The use of calling devices such as recordings and electrically amplified calls also violates general hunting regulations. You are not allowed to take game animals and game birds with electronic calls.

No one is entitled to use live decoys and hunting dogs to take game animals and migratory game birds. So it would be wise to avoid decoys and dogs for your hunting game, wouldn’t it?

Hunting Bear with Dogs

Hunting Bear with Dogs

Finally, it is against the general hunting regulations when you bait animals and birds (except Eastern turkey and migratory game birds) or use traps to take exotic animals (like feral hogs, rabbits, etc.) on most public property.

Hunting licenses

It is easy to be considered an illegal hunter and heavily penalized if you don’t have a hunting or fishing license. So it is better to get the consent by checking with a local ranger or game warden.

To be more specific, when you hunt on private lands, you are required to have permission from the landowner or property owner. It is acceptable for you to ask for their verbal permission.

Protected species

Actually, some endangered animals are protected by law. Therefore, it is unlawful to hunt or kill these species in most states and regions. For instance, hunters in Texas are not allowed to take bobcats, mountain lions, rabbits, frogs, and turtles.

Hunter safety

Many hunters have encountered unfortunate incidents on their hunting journey due to their carelessness and failure to comply with general hunting regulations. To prevent any accidents, you should know how to keep yourself safe.

Wearing fluorescent hunter orange

As a hunter, you should know that hunter orange is fundamental for your safety. When wearing hunter orange, hunters can be visible for others in the hunting areas, so they can avoid being mistaken for animals and being shot.

What Is Kept In Your Minds?

Now, I bet you can get all of the things about general hunting regulations in this concise and worth-reading article. I hope that what I share today can bring an enjoyable experience for you when you go hunting.

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